“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” —Archimedes

Like you, we know the intense suffering of animals on factory farms must end. Our goal is to be your lever and help you move the world for animals.

Because one out of every two farm animals alive today is living in China, we identify and create smart programs that benefit China’s animals. And we connect you with opportunities to do great good.

Want to talk? Text, call, or email us any time at (717) 584-1805 or [email protected]

How We Think

Lever Foundation doesn’t work the way most charities do. Here’s how we think:

It’s About Animals, Not Us
When there is an effective way to help animals, we show others how to do it too, and try to connect them with funding for it.
We Only Do The 20%
Even at the best charities, 80% of the good done often comes from just 20% of programs. We only carry out and support those top programs.
We Do New Things
We always try to find better ways to help animals—through developing new programs, but also new companies, non-profits, and financial instruments.
We Are Global
A pig in China matters just as much as a pig in the United States. We do work and hire staff wherever it is most effective for animals.
Culture Is Key
We will only be as good as our internal culture. We hire for and strive to be utilitarian, candid, kind, psychologically healthy, hard-working, and intellectually rigorous.
We Keep It Personal
We’re here to be your lever, so we value one on one communication and will always be transparent. Call, text or email us any time.