Lever Foundation works to create a more humane and sustainable protein supply chain in Asia

Why we do it

Asia is key

When it comes to protecting animals from cruelty and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, creating change in East Asia’s protein supply chain is critical. Data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization shows:

2 out of every 3 farm animals alive today are in East Asia, with most living on intensive factory farms…

…with animal protein consumption continuing to rise quickly in Asia, representing half of all current global growth…

…while almost a quarter (23%) of global greenhouse emissions already come from meat and dairy production

Our approach

Our approach
is simple

Lever works to create a more humane and sustainable protein supply chain in East Asia, with a focus on two program areas that deliver significant impact with each dollar spent.


Advancing Alternative Protein

Lever helps talented entrepreneurs create new alternative protein companies and provides critical early support to promising existing startups.

Lever also works with food companies, investors and media outlets to increase interest and activity in the sector, as well as educating consumers.


Upgrading Animal Protein

Lever works with food companies and producers to help them remove the worst factory farming cruelties from their supply chains.

These changes reduce the lifelong suffering of farm animals while also benefiting public health.

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