Each year, nearly two billion egg-laying hens are confined in tiny battery cages to produce eggs for consumers in Asia.

Many of these hens are producing eggs for leading European and North American food companies that do business in Asia. In most cases, these companies have committed to ending the use of caged eggs in the west—but continue to buy eggs from hens confined in cruel battery cages in Asia.

Battery cages are truly hell on earth. But you can help end them, and free millions of birds from a lifetime of cruel confinement in Asia, with just one minute a day.

Lever Foundation is working with the largest European and North American food companies that operate in Asia, demanding they eliminate cruel battery cages from their Asian supply chain. We need you to be a voice for animals, and spend one minute each day contacting these companies to let them know that, just as battery cages are cruel and unacceptable here, they are also cruel and unacceptable in Asia.

Sign up to be a Hen Warrior, and each day we’ll send you a small, easy action you can take to help make sure companies do away with cages, such as commenting on a company’s social media page or sending an email. These one-minute actions have already led several of the world’s biggest food companies to remove battery cages from their supply chain in Asia. With your help, we can spare millions more hens from misery.

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