Animal Protein

Animal Protein

The Improvement

A shift away from the worst factory farming cruelties in Asia would spare tens of billions of animals each year from acute misery while improving food safety and reducing pandemic risk.

Lever helps food companies eliminate the worst cruelties from their supply chains, with a primary focus on ending the caged confinement of laying hens and a secondary focus on welfare improvements for fish, chickens, cows and pigs. Lever also works with producers to help them remove cages from farms and new constructions.



animals spared from lifetime confinement each year via producer policy changes


animals spared from lifetime confinement each year via food brand policy changes


food brands pledged to remove caged confinement from their supply chain (typically globally)


country-level food brand policy pledges to end caged confinement or similar cruelty

40% of egg production and two-thirds of the growth in production is coming from Asia


food brands have committed to key animal welfare improvements across their Asia supply chain thanks to Lever

What food companies say

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Use Lever to move the world toward a more humane and sustainable protein supply chain.