Lever China, a leading consultancy in the alternative protein space and partner organization of Lever Foundation in China, recently participated in the VeggieWorld & NewProtein China 2023 event held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Lever shared space with six companies it provided early support to, including Yeyo, Haofood, Hyplant, CellX, Avant Meat, and Blue Canopy, which provided visitors with a taste of their top-notch alternative protein products. Plant-based yogurt and ice cream by Yeyo and plant-based burgers and meatballs from Blue Canopy impressed attendees with their delicious taste and nutritional value.

Lever China also played a key role in the New Protein China Forum held during the event. Cecilia Zhao, Project Manager of Lever China, moderated a discussion on the future of the new protein industry with industry experts, including Kenneth Chung, Head of Finance and Capital at Avant Meats, Ziliang Yang, CEO of CellX, Wilfred Feng, Attorney at Law at Dentons, Ziqing Meng, COO of Joe’s Future Food, and Peter Yu, Program Manager of APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture. The panelists tackled the most pressing issues in the alternative protein industry and discussed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Cecilia Zhao – Project Manager at Lever China

As a pioneer in the alternative protein space, Lever China is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions and creating new business opportunities for companies in the sector. By participating in events like VeggieWorld & NewProtein China 2023, Lever is helping to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable and plant-based foods in China and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future for all.


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