As the world continues to grapple with the climate crisis, Taiwan has just taken a major step towards a more sustainable and healthy future. In a groundbreaking move, the government recently passed the Climate Change Response Act that encourages ‘low-carbon diets’ – which specifically mention plant-based foods. With 13% of Taiwan’s population already shunning meat and over 30 organizations pushing the government to take action against food-related greenhouse gas emissions, the bill has passed its third reading. 

Article 8 of the bill states that “a low-carbon diet includes plant-based, local foods and reduced food waste”. Article 42 adds that the government should promote these foods and support civil society organizations working towards low-carbon diets. 

Almost a quarter (23%) of global greenhouse emissions come from meat and dairy production. Taiwan is just the latest Asian player to take action against food-related climate change. The local government of Seoul( South Korea) and India’s Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare have been promoting plant-based food to mitigate animal protein’s environmental impact. In a recent speech, China’s president Xi addressed government officials highlighting alternative protein as a mean to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development. 

As the alternative protein sector continues to evolve, Lever is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the movement and supporting innovative startups providing sustainable, humane options for consumers. By supporting these companies, we can bring about a brighter future for farm animals, the planet, and our health. 


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