South Korea’s meat lovers are bracing for change as they eagerly welcome planet and animal-friendly alternatives, according to a compelling survey from the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture (APAC-SCA). With a resounding 90.4% of respondents willing to explore cultivated meat and seafood options, and a surprising 18.9% leaning towards these alternatives over plant-based choices, it’s clear that a new era is dawning for sustainable proteins. The findings illuminate an exciting opportunity for the industry to captivate the palates consumers in South Korea, offering tasty alternatives that align with their values.

The report emphasizes the importance of capturing the long-term interest of consumers willing to explore cultivated meat in South Korea. Key factors driving their interest include price, flavor/texture, nutrition, and environmental concerns. Notably, affordability plays a vital role in shaping consumer choices, with over half of South Koreans willing to consume cultivated meat if it is cheaper than conventional pork. Additionally, a quarter of participants are open to cultivated meat if it is more affordable than traditional beef.

Interestingly, these survey results align with a poll by Lever China and Shanghai-based consultancy Food Plus on Chinese consumer acceptance of cultivated meat. Lever’s survey found that 90% of respondents would incorporate cultivated meat alongside their traditional protein sources, and 30% would make it their primary protein purchase if price parity were achieved.

The convergence of these findings points towards a growing appetite for alternative protein options among Asian consumers, driven by health and environmental concerns. By catering to the desires of meat lovers while advocating for a healthier planet and improved animal welfare, the industry can effectively meet the evolving needs of consumers in the region.


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