In an era marked by a surge in health consciousness, China is experiencing a wave of interest in plant-based drinks that satisfy thirst and align with a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Between 2020 and 2025, experts predict that plant-based milk will experience an annual growth rate surpassing 20%.

Oat milk is the new cool kid on the block, as analysis conducted by Euromonitor International reveals that, as of 2022, oat milk captured a substantial 2.4% market share within China’s plant-based milk segment. Yet, beloved classics like coconut and soy drinks remain the top choice for consumers.

Plant-based dairy is a win-win for consumers, animals, and the planet. From a health perspective, these alternatives provide vital nutrients without the saturated fats often found in animal-derived products. Environmentally, opting for plant-based drinks significantly reduces traditional dairy production’s carbon footprint and resource consumption. Moreover, this shift represents a compassionate choice that reduces the demand for animal farming.

That’s why Lever chose to support startups like Marvelous Foods, the company behind Yeyo. Lever’s early-stage funding and support made Yeyo the pioneer plant-based coconut yogurt store on the popular Tmall e-commerce platform. Another key player in the plant-based world is Greenice, offering a delicious variety of frozen desserts and ice creams made from rice and coconut. With Lever’s support, this brand has quickly become known for guilt-free indulgence that prioritizes taste and well-being.

China’s evolving plant-based drink sector showcases how consumers’ thoughtful choices can lead to big changes. Brands such as Yeyo and Greenice combine innovation and sustainability, paving the way for a new and responsible era of plant-based delights.

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