Singapore continues to solidify its position as a powerhouse in the alternative protein realm. Not only are institutions and the government ramping up investments in meat and dairy alternatives, but private companies are also making daring moves. In a recent breakthrough, Flash Coffee, an iconic Asian coffee chain, has boldly declared oat milk as the default option for all its drinks.

Flash Coffee has joined forces with OATSIDE, a local plant-based milk brand, to introduce the #SipForChange campaign, a larger initiative aimed at inspiring consumers to make more mindful choices. Making oat milk the default option for coffee drinks is the first action “to help our customers take a small step forward – wherever they are in their journey to being better, kinder consumers,” as Flash Coffee’s CEO David Brunier said.

MAD Foods has also embraced oat as its preferred choice. The plant-based startup that received earlier support from Lever has quickly become an iconic brand known for its range of ready-to-drink milk coffees and various other non-dairy products.

When comparing cow’s milk to oat milk, the sustainability advantages of the latter become evident. Traditional dairy production involves extensive resource consumption, including vast amounts of water and land, as well as significant greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, oat milk offers a more environmentally friendly alternative. Oats require significantly less water and land to cultivate compared to dairy farming and generate lower greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more sustainable choice. Additionally, oat milk stands out as a more humane choice by eliminating the ethical concerns commonly associated with modern dairy farming practices.

Amidst the growing consumption of dairy products in Asia, despite a significant portion of the population being lactose-intolerant, the emergence of plant-based milk alternatives made from oats, soy, and nuts offers a win-win solution—a healthy, humane, and profoundly sustainable alternative that nourishes both people and the planet.


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