Over the past year, Lever China’s efforts have catalyzed a transformation in the Chinese egg production industry, working closely with medium- and large-scale egg producers across China to illustrate the advantages of shifting away from caged egg production. Seven egg producers, encouraged and guided by Lever, have removed cages from their barns, releasing over 300,000 hens from the cruelty of cage confinement.

Among these transformations, Ovodan, a major player in caged egg and egg products, shifted 20,000 hens to cage-free systems. Pianguan Yong Ao, a mid-sized producer, expanded its cage-free capacity by 50,000 hens and embarked on the ambitious “One Million Cage-Free Hens” initiative in collaboration with the local government of Shanxi.

Happy Egg, a renowned leader in cage-free egg production, added 30,000 hens to their cage-free systems in partnership with Lever. Xinde, after transitioning 70,000 hens to cage-free production with Lever’s guidance in the past two years, added another 100,000 hens in the past year.

Vanke, previously limited to caged egg systems, embraced a broader approach under Lever’s guidance, introducing 5,000 cage-free hens into their farm demonstration facilities. Danxiansen and Tudama, traditional caged egg producers, transitioned 50,000 hens each to free-range environments, symbolizing their commitment to change.

Fuziyuan, a prominent mid-sized egg producer in Shandong, is currently constructing a state-of-the-art cage-free farm with a capacity for 10,000 hens. Donghua, a leading egg producer in China, decided to build its next barn without cages, sparing 50,000 egg-laying hens from the cruelties of cage confinement.

Meanwhile, in Guangdong, construction has started on what will become China’s largest cage-free farm. This farm, a collaboration between the local government of Mashi and Tudama Agricultural Development Company, aims to house 500,000 hens in a cage-free environment.

Lever’s impact extends beyond individual producers; our survey of sixty Chinese egg producers revealed significant progress. Seventy percent of producers reported increasing demand for cage-free eggs, while 80% expressed their intention to shift towards cage-free production in the next year.

In total, 305,000 additional hens in China are now free from cages, thanks to Lever’s dedicated efforts in collaboration with egg producers. However, Lever’s vision goes beyond cage-free eggs. Our ultimate goal is to transform the food landscape in Asia by advancing alternative protein sources. While we celebrate the progress in freeing hens from cages, we remain committed to pioneering innovative solutions that eliminate the need for eggs.


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