Bill Murray once said, “Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” Arguably the most popular comfort food worldwide, the equivalent of about 100 acres of pizza is consumed daily in the U.S. alone–around 350 slices per second.

In 2021, Lever started working with Papa John’s International, the third largest pizza restaurant chain globally, to remove caged eggs from the company’s menus globally. While Papa John’s had already committed to shift in the U.S. and U.K., the company operates 5,400 locations across 45 countries, including in Asia (where it has 200 restaurants in China alone), the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Europe.

After extensive engagement with Lever, including receiving detailed directories of cage-free suppliers in all of the company’s international markets, Papa John’s pledged to transition to 100% cage-free eggs and egg ingredients for its menu items by 2030 in all its locations worldwide. Thanks to Lever’s work, egg-laying hens in Papa John’s global supply chain in Asia and elsewhere will spend their lives free from cages, able to at least walk freely and express their natural behavior, while the company’s international customers will have safer and more humane food products.  With Papa John’s new cage-free policy in place, over half of the world’s twenty-five largest QSR brands have now committed to using only cage-free eggs globally (with the majority of these commitments generated by Lever Foundation.)


This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.