“We will continuously cooperate with our suppliers and customers to achieve a 100% cage-free egg assortment for all shell eggs sold in Mydin stores by 2030. The transition will begin at selected stores in March 2023 and expand to all stores across Malaysia”



If you haven’t heard of MYDIN before, let us introduce you to one of Malaysia’s most beloved retail brands. From humble beginnings as a small shop in Kelantan in 1957, MYDIN has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. The company now has hypermarkets located in nearly every corner of Malaysia and has become the country’s largest Halal retail chain.

Founded by the late Tuan Mydin Mohamed, the brand was inspired by his father’s shop in Penang back in 1918. Today, MYDIN offers everything you could need, from groceries to stationery, hardware tools, and even clothing.

Now MYDIN has just given loyal customers another reason to shop. In April, the company committed to selling only cage-free shell eggs in all of its locations nationwide by 2030. With this shift, MYDIN will improve laying hens’ welfare across its 66 hypermarkets, emporiums, and other retail outlets. The retail chain follows in the footsteps of AEON Malaysia, which recently updated its animal welfare policy to include a shift towards cage-free eggs (among several other measures to protect farm animals).

Lever’s Work with MYDIN to End Cages

Lever has actively supported MYDIN’s transition towards using only cage-free eggs. By working closely with the company, Lever has provided them with the necessary resources and tools to make this shift a reality.

MYDIN is not alone. In Malaysia, other restaurant and café chains, such as Old Town White Coffee and O’Brien’s Sandwich Shop, and Hospitality Groups, such as Hatten Hotels and Ascott Malaysia, have also committed to their timelines for shifting to use only cage-free eggs. As consumers in Malaysia become more conscious of animal welfare, they are on the hunt for more humane and sustainable food choices.

Lever’s work has enabled MYDIN to significantly impact the welfare of laying hens in Malaysia, and we are thrilled to have been a part of this vital journey.


This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.