We want to build a company that all Singaporeans can be proud of, while doing our part for sustainability and for future generations as well. MAD is making beverages that consumers not only want, but need – products that taste fantastic and are kind on the body and the planet.” 

– Angelique Teo, MAD Foods co-founder


Despite having few historical culinary traditions involving animal milk and cheese, Asia now accounts for 39% of global dairy consumption, making it the world’s largest dairy-consuming region by volume. Asia’s newfound love of dairy is somewhat peculiar given the majority of those living in East and Southeast Asia are lactose intolerant, which means consuming dairy can cause unpleasant symptoms including bloating and stomach pain. Dairy production also raises issues of environmental sustainability, with nearly 5% of all global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributed to dairy. Further, the majority of the world’s 250 million dairy cows live lives of significant suffering on factory farms.

This problem—and the solution—were clear to entrepreneurs Bobby Randhawa and Angelique Teo when they decided to create MAD Foods, a Singapore plant-based dairy company producing ready-to-drink milks, milk coffees, and other non-dairy products. Angelique, a local TV and radio celebrity, and her husband Bobby, a Harvard Business School graduate with 15 years’ experience in the FMCG industry, have set for MAD Foods the bold goal of becoming a regional leader in plant-based dairy. 

Lever Supports MAD in its Quest to Expand Beyond Southeast Asia

MAD is one of the first two startups in Southeast Asia that Lever has now provided critical early-stage financial support for through its program-related investment arm. In addition to providing early capital, Lever is also working to help the company through connecting them with category buyers and other investors and providing strategic feedback and connections.

The future of MAD looks promising. The first shipment of MAD’s signature oat milk coffee drinks sold out promptly at the end of 2021, and the duo is currently working on the release of their MAD Mylk, a tasty plant-based milk with high protein levels and a frothy texture, which will be available shortly in several countries around Southeast Asia. Angelique and Bobby are also working to establish partnerships with global retail and hospitality groups to have MAD products available in stores, hotels and airline lounges, and are developing a partnership with Singapore’s health and education departments to promote individual serving plant-based milk drinks on primary school menus.


This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.