Benlai Life, China’s leading online fresh grocery e-market, has taken a groundbreaking leap towards improving the lives of laying hens by embracing cage-free eggs as its predominant offering, setting a new standard for responsible sourcing among e-commerce companies in the country.

Benlai Life, established in 2012, has seen impressive growth, attracting over 33 million paying users across 550 cities in China. Lever China’s collaboration with Benlai Life has played a crucial role in driving the company towards transitioning to cage-free eggs, aligning with its mission of providing safe and high-quality food to households across the country.

Lever’s engagement with Benlai Life began when they discovered the company’s inclination towards selling cage-free eggs and developing their own brand. Recognizing the global trend towards phasing out caged eggs, Lever proactively provided valuable insights and context to Benlai Life. This partnership has strengthened Benlai’s determination and confidence in undertaking a well-planned transition.

Chinese consumers have shown a growing preference for cage-free eggs, as evidenced by a study conducted last year by Chinese media outlet FTA. The study found that 75% of Chinese consumers are more likely to support brands that use cage-free eggs, and 67% believe that food companies should commit to sourcing only cage-free eggs. In response to this demand, nearly 150 companies in China have pledged to source or sell 100% non-caged eggs, representing a significant increase compared to 2020 across various industries such as FMCG, retail, restaurants, and hotels. At the same time, an increasing number of consumers are also reducing or eliminating eggs from their meals entirely, the most significant way to protect the welfare of hens.


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