To further increase interest and awareness of the alternative protein sector among entrepreneurs, investors, food company buyers and others, Lever recently launched the online news platform The website is a companion to Lever’s popular WeChat channel (WeChat is one of China’s dominant social media platforms), which has been operating for nearly three years and is the largest alternative protein news WeChat channel in China. is a media platform that covers new brands, investment events, industry research, market forecasts, and analysis of plant-based, cultivated and fermented protein products and businesses. has already published over 500 Chinese-language news articles and built a following of 20,000 readers who tune in to the site as a go-to source of information on the latest sector news.

Lever’s hope is that by increasing knowledge of the sector among food buyers, investors, and potential entrepreneurs and by showing successful examples from inside and outside the country, the site can help advance interest and activity in the alternative protein sector in China.


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