An increasing number of food companies in Asia have committed to shifting to cage-free eggs thanks to Lever’s work, but having adequate, affordable supply of such eggs remains a key bottleneck for companies in the region. To help egg producers in Southeast Asia transition away from cages, Lever has published the region’s first guidebook on commercial cage-free production.

The book, Commercial Cage-Free Egg Production, was released in September at the 2022 China Egg Industry Summit. It was published in a Chinese language print edition by the China Agriculture Press, which is the country’s largest publisher of agriculture-related books and is run by the government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Commercial Cage-Free Egg Production, written by Lever China (a partner organization to the Foundation) in collaboration with the Beijing Egg Industry Association and researchers at China Agricultural University, aims to provide egg producers the confidence and technical know-how to shift to cage-free production systems.

Commercial Cage-Free Egg Production author, Mutzu Huang, speaking at the 2022 China Egg Industry Summit, where the book was released.

In Southeast Asia, Lever Foundation has released a free digital edition of the Commercial Cage-Free Egg Production in collaboration with several producers and industry groups in the region, to be followed by a print edition in key markets. Available in five additional languages (English, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysian, and Thai), the book will serve as a helpful resource to producers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand to accelerate the shift away from caged confinement.

The release comes as an increasing number of local companies in countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia are pledging to end the use of caged eggs thanks to Lever’s work. In the Philippines, since the start of the year, all of the largest gaming and hotel companies in Metro Manila, including Resorts World Manila have committed to shift to using only cage-free eggs, as has the Philippines’ largest e-commerce grocery platform, MetroMart. In Malaysia leading restaurant chain OldTown White Coffee has pledged to become 100% cage-free across Asia, and domestic hospitality group Hatten Hotels made a similar pledge.

You can download the content of the book in all six languages from the links below:


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