When it comes to removing cages from their supply chains in Asia (or other regions), food companies cite three primary barriers: their time bandwidth, the cost increase of switching, and the perception that there is not enough cage-free egg supply in China, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and other key markets.

Lever has offered comprehensive directories of suppliers in China and Southeast Asia to remove that third barrier for several years. In 2020, as part of our work with Restaurant Brands International (RBI), Lever expanded that research dramatically, putting together detailed supplier directories and market analyses for every country in Asia and the Middle East where RBI operates. Those guides were later expanded to include additional countries in each region, and a similarly comprehensive directory was compiled for Latin America.

Today, Lever’s Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America Cage-Free Egg Directories are exhaustive, first-of-their-kind resources that detail 50 countries and over 1,600 suppliers. They have played a key role in securing global commitments to end the use of cages and will help win more in the years ahead. They are also met with great appreciation by companies that have already pledged to shift to cage-free eggs and are in unchartered territory sourcing cage-free eggs in Asia and elsewhere.

This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.