“Responding to climate change forms the core of our sustainability roadmap. Starting with food, we can contribute a significant impact on the environment. The action of promoting options for plant-based can make an important difference.”
– Dr. K.S. Lo, Executive Chairman, Langham Hospitality Group

Langham Hospitality Group is an industry powerhouse, an upscale Hong Kong-based hotel chain with nearly 40 locations in China and around the world. The hotel chain operates Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants, the three-star Tang Court in The Langham Hong Kong, and the two-star Ming Court in Cordis Hong Kong.

Following a long collaboration with Lever, Langham has announced a new groundbreaking sustainability goal: at least 50% of their menu across their various locations in Hong Kong and beyond will be plant-based by 2030.

In addition to rewriting their menus, Langham Hospitality Group has implemented a weekly plant-based employee menu in Hong Kong. The company holds regular plant-based innovation training and competitions for chefs in the group’s hotels in all major cities across four continents.

Lever’s work with Langham didn’t end there. Lever’s team in China introduced chefs of the Cordis Shanghai to local alternative protein companies to support the extension of Langham’s commitment to China.


This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.