Jollibee Foods Corporation, the Philippines’ beloved fast-food giant, has committed to embracing cage-free eggs across its extensive network of restaurants. This monumental decision signifies not just a shift in sourcing practices but a resounding commitment to animal welfare and responsible sourcing.

Jollibee Foods Corporation, known for its iconic Jollibee restaurant chain, boasts an impressive empire that spans the globe. Beyond Jollibee’s over 1,600 locations worldwide, the company owns the international cafe chain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (over 1,000 global locations), bakery brand Red Ribbon (over 550 global locations), and restaurant and cafe chains Chowking (over 600 global locations), Yonghe King (over 420 locations), Mang Inasal (over 570 locations), Highlands Coffee (over 600 locations), Milksha (over 280 locations), and Greenwich (over 270 locations). In addition, the company manages several franchised brands in the Philippines and other Asian markets.

The company’s pledge is clear and resolute – a transition to 100% cage-free eggs in the United States by 2025 and 100% cage-free eggs worldwide by 2035. The company expressed its commitment, stating, “Through responsible sourcing, which includes animal welfare efforts, we strive to provide our customers the highest quality and safest food offerings.”

The journey towards this momentous commitment marks a close collaboration between Jollibee Foods Corporation and Lever Foundation’s team in the Philippines. Over the past eighteen months, Lever Foundation worked alongside the company and several of its iconic food brands, ensuring this commitment to cage-free eggs became a reality. This shift is estimated to benefit over 1 million animals per year once fully implemented.

For individual consumers, eliminating eggs from meals entirely is the most significant way to protect the welfare of hens.


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