September 5 marks the International Day of Charity, a day dedicated to giving back and making a positive impact on the world. Today, as we celebrate the progress made for farm animals across Asia, we invite you to join hands with the Lever Foundation in their remarkable journey of compassion and change.

With your dedicated support, Lever Foundation has achieved significant victories in the battle against factory farming cruelties and the promotion of alternative proteins in Asia. We are sparking a transformation that not only betters the lives of countless animals but also lays the groundwork for a more ethical and sustainable protein supply chain

Milestones of Change

Alternative Protein Companies in China: Lever’s venture building program has played a pivotal role in launching two innovative alternative protein companies.

Empowering Early-Stage Ventures: Five early-stage alternative protein companies have received vital program-related investments and hands-on support from Lever. This support extends to three companies in China and two in Southeast Asia.

Plant-Based Outreach: Five major food companies have added plant-based and alternative protein products in their offerings, after working with Lever.

Ending Caged Eggs: A remarkable 38 food service, retail, restaurant, bakery, hospitality, and cafe companies have taken steps to end the use of caged eggs. Among them, 17 have adopted global policies spanning multiple countries, while 21 have taken this stand on a national level.

Global and Local Commitments: 265 country-level brand commitments have been made to cease purchasing eggs from hens confined in cages.

Full Animal Welfare Commitment: One country-level brand commitment stands out for addressing key farm animal welfare issues comprehensively. This commitment sets a new standard for compassion in supply chains from fish to chickens, pigs to dairy cows, and beef cattle.

Cage-Free Progress: Seven egg producers have taken action by eliminating cages from their existing or new barn constructions. This change has spared 305,000 hens from the confines of caged confinement in China.

Lever is driven by your support and the shared vision of a kinder world for animals. As we continue our journey, we invite you to stand with us on the International Day of Charity, to donate, and to champion this cause that truly makes a difference.


This work happened because of the support of people like you. Please consider donating today to build a more humane and sustainable protein supply in Asia.