Gaming and casino establishments wield significant influence over Asia’s entertainment sector and regional economy, drawing millions of visitors each year. Given their immense reach, engaging with integrated resorts on matters like protein supply is not only important but imperative for effecting meaningful change on a broader scale.

In collaboration with Lever, Sands, a prominent figure in the world of integrated gaming resort development and operations, has committed to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs throughout its global supply chain by 2028. With five resorts nestled in Macau and one in Singapore, Sands boasts an extensive portfolio comprising nearly 15,000 rooms and suites, over 200 restaurants, expansive banquet and event spaces, dynamic concert venues, and several of Asia’s largest convention centers. Among its notable properties are The Venetian Macao, recognized as the second-largest hotel and casino globally, and the esteemed Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, renowned as the most expensive hotel and casino ever constructed.

Sands’ commitment aligns with a broader movement towards sustainability within the hospitality and gaming industry across Asia. By joining esteemed counterparts like Melco, Marriott, and Hyatt in pledging to source only cage-free eggs for their food and beverage operations, Sands reinforces its commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

As Sands embarks on this transformative journey, its pledge echoes the sentiments of other leading global companies in the hospitality and gaming sector, underscoring a collective resolve to champion ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. While these corporate shifts to cage-free will reduce the suffering of thousands of birds, reducing or eliminating egg consumption is the most significant way individuals can protect hens.


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