Protecting farm animals is “an important embodiment of human caring in modern society.” So said Yu Kangzhen, China’s Vice Minister for Agriculture.

And when it comes to farm animal protection, no country is more important than China. One out of every two farm animals alive today is living in China.

One of the most well-known intensive confinement systems is the “battery cage” system. On battery cage egg farms around the world, egg-laying hens are confined in small wire cages for the duration of their life.

Because of farm animal welfare issues that can arise from this close confinement, as well as potential health risks that battery cages can cause, many leading food companies have decided to no longer use eggs from caged hens. Instead, they are buying from farmers who use cage-free or free range systems.

Many leading food companies around the world have decided to no longer use eggs from caged hens.

China already produces more free range and cage-free eggs than any country on the planet. It is home to over 150 million free range and cage-free hens (most of whom are free range).

And an increasing number of domestic and international companies operating in China have begun switching to these systems.

Lever is helping food companies that operate in the Greater China Region move toward cage-free and free range eggs. We provide information, resources, and assistance in making the change.


If you agree that life outside a small cage is better for farm animal welfare, join in and give now. Use Lever to move the world for egg-laying hens.


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