During the past couple of years, Chinese consumers have demonstrated a growing concern for sustainable foods, as indicated by Ernst & Young’s Future Consumer Index report. In fact, the survey found that one-third of respondents prioritize sustainability and the environment when purchasing products, surpassing the global average of 26%. As we look towards the future, it is clear that success for food, retail and hospitality companies in China and beyond hinges on their ability to adapt, offering a captivating array of sustainable and high-quality options that resonate with the discerning and environmentally-conscious younger generation.

Lever China has been working with food companies, retail chains, restaurants, and hospitality groups to promote alternative protein and transition towards socially responsible corporate goals. It is truly encouraging to witness industry leaders recognizing the strategic significance of humane protein products, as the recent partnership with Marriott International demonstrates.

Marriott plant-based

Lever China Empowers Marriott International’s Plant-Based Journey

Boasting a remarkable presence of nearly 8,300 hotels across 138 countries, Marriott International has assumed a leading role in sustainability initiatives. In their visionary ‘2022 Serve 360’ ESG report, Marriott proclaimed their commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout their value chain by 2050. An instrumental step in this endeavor involves promoting plant-based foods and incorporating plant-based protein into their menus to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, with the help of Lever China.

Lever China recently teamed up with several plant-based brands to hold a tasting session of plant-based foods, attended by around 300 food and beverage managers during Marriott’s Greater China annual F&B conference in Sanya (China). The event showcased over ten domestic and international brands, covering plant-based meat, beverages, yogurt, ice cream, and desserts, with demonstrations of cooking methods and discussions of their varied applications in Marriott’s food and beverage operations. Tasters were pleasantly surprised by the significant improvement in the quality of plant-based foods over the last two years. As sustainable food choices become increasingly important among consumers, incorporating plant-based protein has become a strategic priority for socially responsible and forward-thinking brands. Lever China will continue to work alongside Marriott and others to promote plant-based protein in the hospitality industry, ensuring travelers can access delicious, healthy, and humane food options.


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