From the United States to Thailand, from Mexico to the Philippines, Dairy Queen’s new global cage-free egg policy will give sweet tooths worldwide one more reason to smile. The QSR giant, famous for its soft serve ice cream and other delectable treats, has pledged to source only cage-free eggs and egg ingredients in all its stores globally by 2025. 

With over 6,800 locations spanning 20 countries, including China, Thailand, Mexico, and the Philippines, Dairy Queen’s new policy will benefit egg-laying hens worldwide, who can finally stretch their wings. By committing to cage-free eggs, Dairy Queen is taking an essential step toward sustainability and reducing farm animal suffering.

Dairy Queen isn’t alone. The growing list of QSR brands that have pledged to source only cage-free eggs includes heavy hitters like Burger King, Dunkin, KFC, and Taco Bell, to name just a few. 

By working closely with food companies, Lever Foundation is determined to reduce the use of caged eggs in the food industry across Asia and globally – to create a kinder and more sustainable protein supply chain.


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