“We created this product to ride the trend of snacking premiumization that’s taking off in large cities in the health-conscious age of COVID-19. With very high new product development rates compared to other categories, snacking offers a great entry point for innovative new plant-based 2.0 products.” – Christiana Zhu, founder, Yeyo


Can a humble kitchen experiment grow into a flourishing enterprise, captivating the taste buds of health-conscious consumers? Yeyo’s story seems to be living proof of that. 

Beijing-based Yeyo – Ye” for 椰子 (coconut in Chinese), and “Yo” for 优格 (yogurt in Chinese) – was born out of a desire for gut-healing and allergy-friendly foods. After moving to China from New Zealand, founder Christiana Zhu realized that finding dairy-free yogurt in China was way too challenging. Determined not to compromise on her culinary desires, she took matters into her own hands. By creating her own coconut yogurt in the kitchen, she marked the first step on her path to success.

The response to Yeyo’s homemade coconut yogurt was overwhelming. Friends, neighbors, and local restaurants that cherished healthy food eagerly embraced their creation. Fueled by their own palates and active lifestyles, Yeyo’s dedicated team starts their product development process, using all-natural ingredients. They strive to create offerings that promote health and cater to local tastes, seasonal preferences, and culinary trends.

Yeyo’s selection at Marriott China’s plant-based tasting event

Lever’s Backing Propels Yeyo to Success in China

After a successful seed round, Yeyo made a bold move, debuting their products at a commercial scale and becoming the first plant-based coconut yogurt store on the renowned e-commerce platform, Tmall. Their products are now sold across various online and offline channels across China.

Lever was instrumental in Yeyo’s success, providing early-stage funding and valuable resources and advice that helped propel the company’s growth and establish its position on the market. 

Yeyo’s flagship product, the renowned Yeyo Coconut Yogurt, is a sugar-free delight that tantalizes the taste buds while prioritizing health. Made from natural ingredients, without sweeteners or artificial flavors, this yogurt embodies Yeyo’s commitment to crafting nourishing alternatives. Yeyo also offers yogurt-granola cups adorned with seasonal fruit and nut granola to cater to diverse preferences, providing a delectable and convenient snack option. Recently, the company expanded its offerings with a plant-based frozen dessert line, introducing ice cream in three flavors: Original, Chocolate, and Mango Slush.

Yeyo continues to make waves, redefining the dairy landscape in China and inspiring more humane and sustainable alternatives to animal protein. With their dedication to crafting delicious and innovative dairy alternatives, Yeyo is proving that taste, health, and sustainability can coexist harmoniously in every delightful spoonful.


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