“China is a large manufacturing country, with complete biomanufacturing industry chain advantages. Tofflon is one of the world’s leading providers of comprehensive solutions for drug and food manufacturing, and their equipment and technologies can be quickly applied to the field of cultivated meat.”
Yang Ziliang, CEO of CellX

Shanghai-based cultivated meat startup CellX and food manufacturing pioneer Tofflon have entered a strategic partnership that can accelerate the scale-up of cultivated meat. The pair have plans to open the first cultivated meat pilot plant in mainland China by mid-2023, a move that could dramatically help the product reach consumers’ plates sooner than expected. 

CellX and Tefflon’s newly formed partnership will see the companies working together on innovative equipment research and development, bioreactor pilot platform construction, pilot production plant and global modular factory construction.

The pilot facility will allow visitors to see firsthand the life cycle of cultivated meat and taste the final product. The companies have committed to creating China’s first “transparent food space” integrating technology research and development, pilot production and visiting experience.

CellX, which Lever provided initial funding and early support to, is China’s fastest-growing cultivated meat company. Last May, the company raised $10.6 million in a Series A round becoming the highest-funded company of its kind in China; Fortune Magazine later selected CellX for their Impact Fortune Award as one of the most impactful startups in the country.  In September 2022, CellX participated in the FAO and the Israeli Ministry of Health roundtable to discuss opportunities and challenges for cultured meat.


Photo by CellX


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