As the aviation industry charts its course toward a more sustainable future, two major Asian airlines are leading the charge by redefining their in-flight dining experiences. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flag carrier, and AirAsia, a prominent Malaysian budget airline, are spearheading the shift towards plant-based alternatives. This move caters to travelers’ evolving tastes and aligns with a broader commitment to environmental responsibility and reduced carbon footprints.

Cathay Pacific and Plant Sifu

Cathay Pacific’s pioneering collaboration with Plant Sifu signifies a bold step in embracing alternative proteins. Plant Sifu is Hong Kong’s first locally-produced plant-based meat brand and also a startup that received early investment support from Lever.

This progressive collaboration, now extended for six months, is set to elevate the dining experience for passengers on select long-haul flights. The enhanced economy and premium economy menus feature an array of plant-based pork dishes meticulously crafted by Cathay Pacific’s culinary design team. Utilizing various formats of Plant Sifu’s innovative pork products, these Chinese and Asian-inspired dishes are available to passengers flying across diverse routes, including North America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

AirAsia’s and Green Rebel

On the other side of the continent, AirAsia is partnering with Green Rebel to bring meatless alternatives to traditional Southeast Asian delicacies.

Plant-based renditions like Pak Nasser’s plant-based Nasi Lemak and plant-based Sisig have already been introduced on AirAsia’s Malaysia and Philippines routes. Additionally, select AirAsia Indonesia flights will feature two more plant-based options: Nasi Rendang with Assorted Vegetables and Rendang with Coconut Rice.

The collaboration between airlines and innovative plant-based brands reflects a broader shift towards sustainability in the aviation industry. By providing passengers with diverse and eco-friendly dining options, Cathay Pacific and AirAsia are actively contributing to a more responsible future. These initiatives underline the aviation sector’s commitment to evolving its practices, promoting environmental consciousness, and meeting the changing expectations of travelers who seek comfort in the skies and sustainability on their plates.


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