China is becoming an increasingly important player in the plant-based meat market, and a recent study shows that Chinese consumers are particularly fond of plant-based burgers made in China. According to a survey by researchers at Peking University, a staggering 99.8% of respondents in four major Chinese cities are willing to sink their teeth into these tasty, plant-based patties – with highly educated, high-income individuals and women leading the charge.

The survey went on to analyze consumer preferences through a hypothetical choice experiment, presenting various options of plant-based and animal-based meat burgers with different countries of origin, taste labels, and prices. The research revealed that more than half of respondents ate plant-based meat because they wanted to try new food or healthier alternatives. This is in line with global trends, where consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental and health impact of animal agriculture.

Plant-based meat is not just a passing trend in China – another recent study showed that 40% of Chinese consumers are already cutting back on meat consumption and embracing plant-based alternatives. These consumers recognize the many benefits of plant-based meat, including being animal-friendly, healthy, trendy, and good for the environment. Not only are consumers increasingly open to incorporating alternative protein into their diets, but with companies like HEROTEIN, Haofood, and PlantSifu offering a tantalizing array of high-quality and delicious plant-based meat products, the future for plant-based meat in China looks even brighter.


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