“We are proud to be the first cultivated meat company in the country, bringing a sustainable and delicious alternative to traditional meat products. We believe that the future of meat is cultivated and are committed to bringing this innovative and sustainable solution to the meat industry as our focus in the field of cellular agriculture.”

–Jason Ng, Founder and Manufacturing Vice President of Cell AgriTech Group during the first cultivated meat conference in Malaysia.

Courtesy of Cell AgriTech

Malaysia is the latest country to jump on the cultivated meat bandwagon, following in the footsteps of Japan and Korea. We attended the first Malaysia Cultivated Meat Conference, held in March at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, which marked a significant step forward for the industry in the country.

Over 130 delegates from various sectors, including government agencies, food manufacturers, and investors, attended the conference jointly organized by Cell AgriTech and Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation. The event tackled topics ranging from cultivated food regulations to halal studies.

Cell AgriTech, Malaysia’s leading cultivated meat company, announced plans to invest RM20 million in building the country’s first cultivated meat facility by the end of 2024. With tuna and eel on the menu, their goal is to achieve price parity with conventional seafood, making it a more affordable and sustainable option for consumers.

Malaysia’s move towards cultivated meat is a major step in overcoming the challenges of traditional animal agriculture, including environmental impact, animal welfare, and food security concerns. As a country that is experiencing significant surge in meat and fish imports and high seafood consumption, Malaysia’s search for a solution through cultivated meat is well-founded.

The government’s support will be crucial in driving the sector’s development; but with the right regulations and infrastructure, Malaysia could emerge as a major global player in APAC’s cultivated meat market.

The buzz around cultivated meat in Malaysia is a clear indication of its potential to transform the food industry. With more investments on the way, Malaysians can brace themselves for a future where cultivated meat is the norm.

Courtesy of Cell AgriTech


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