Spread across the northeast corner of China is the Mudanjiang Mega dairy farm.

Its massive complex holds over one hundred thousand dairy cows. This single farm occupies as much land as the entire nation of Portugal. It is the largest farm in the world.

Mudanjiang Mega is a powerful symbol of China’s status as the world’s largest producer of animal products.

One out of every two farm animals alive today is living in China. By comparison, only 2% of the world’s farm animals live in the United States, and only 3% live in the European Union.

One out of every two farm animals alive today is living in China

China raises nearly half of the world’s pigs. Confinement systems such as the use of individual “gestation crates” for mother pigs are standard in China just as they are in the west.

The rabbit meat industry also booms across China.

The country raises twice as many rabbits for food as the United States and European Union combined.

China is also the world’s largest egg producer.

One out of every four egg-laying hens lives in China, with the vast majority of birds raised in “battery cage” systems.

China is not only the world’s largest producer of animal products; it is also a nation with an evolving concern for farm animal welfare.

China’s government—which has called concern for animals “an important embodiment of human caring”—has issued recommendations to reduce cruelty at slaughter, drafted guidelines for the improved treatment of egg-laying hens, and hosted a United Nations conference on farm animal protection. Several major Chinese companies have pledged to end the use of confinement systems such as battery cages and gestation crates. And surveys show three quarters of Chinese support strong legal protection for farm animals.

On top of that, China’s health ministry is asking people to eat less meat. National dietary guidelines call for cutting meat consumption in half.

And plant-based eating has begun to be trendy in major cities. A younger generation that cares about animals, health and sustainability is turning to plant-based meals more often.

China is home to half of the planet’s farm animals. It is also a place of great promise, with a government that can press quick reform and people who care more and more about animals.

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